Company History

Eaton Aviation Co. is pleased to offer an uncompromising level of excellence in the maintenance or restoration of your aircraft. With over 64 years of experience in the popular Beech, Cessna, and Piper Aircraft and 23,000 hrs flight time, Ron Jones has  gained a wide variety of experience with your needs of maintenance or complete  restoration methods to consistently complete outstanding award winning aircraft. 

Dave Fancett of Waterville, NY has joined Ron as a sub-contractor and now handles the covering and painting chores. 14 of the aircraft completed at Eaton have been displayed and won National awards. The latest one is a 1957 PA-22 belonging to Dave and it was awarded Grand Champion in the Contemporary category at Oshkosh 2006.

The 4360 sq ft facility with a 12 x 28 dedicated paint booth and a 14 x 35 shop for welding, provide ample room for aircraft restoration. This often includes major frame tube replacement, avionic up grading and engine replacement. The result is an aircraft ready for many more years of trouble free service

Permanent fixtures mounted in the ceiling with portable floor stands and adapters for holding a complete fuselage, wing or smaller parts aids in the covering or painting process.

Since retirement from a flying career, Ron has acquired all the necessary certificates and earned the support of the Albany FSDO. This combination has eased the difficulties of paper work and authorization required to complete modifications and repairs. 

Due to the 1100 ft length of the grass field at Eaton, it is suggested that those persons interested in flying in for a visit use the Hamilton field (KVGC) and we will pick you up there.

While one may question the cost of restoring an older aircraft or flying for a Hobby, I was recently reminded of a few of the unsurpassed joys of flying. Two of the folks we met at Oshkosh this year had flown their aircraft from the west coast and sent pictures of their flights over the rugged Rocky Mountains. The view from 30,000’ in an airliner cannot come anyway near the panoramic wonder of doing it close to the ground in a private plane. Flying in the North East also gives an unparallel vista of viewing ground fog snaking it’s way down the many valleys as far as you can see on early morning departures, with mountain tops poking their sleepy heads above the fog and smoke stacks sending winding streams of stuff into the still air from beneath hidden factories. Any departure on a crummy rainy day is always rewarded with an exciting burst of blue sky and sunshine blinding your eyes when breaking out on top of a cloud deck.

The joy of walking across the ramp where others are admiring your restored aircraft, then climbing in and rising to the never ending sights are privileged to those willing to invest in an escape machine capable of giving these unforgivable and rewarding times.

Eaton Aviation
4201 Route 26 - Eaton, NY 13334

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