Aircraft Services

Eaton Aviation Co. offers a variety of aviation services including:

  • Inspection Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Fabric Recovering
  • Frame Repair
  • AB-DAR Service

With the increasing number of Experimental, Light Sport, and the new requirement for the heavy Ultralight's to get certified, Eaton Aviation Co. recognized the need to assist builders in obtaining the necessary certification of their aircraft. Ron Jones has become one of the first FAA Designated AB-DAR in this area and has an Unlimited rating for Certificating your new Aircraft.

Eaton Aviation would like to offer you assistance in a pre purchase inspections of an Aircraft. If you are located some distance away, we will furnish a written report with pictures to aid your decision.

Annual inspections and general maintenance is limited to summer months as our field is snow covered in the winter.

Complete restoration or partial recover is full time and we would like to discuss your needs.


Eaton Aviation
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